Do You want your team to undestand

How Dok32 is operated and

implemented to extract

maximum benefits?

The inital Demo

Get acquainted. The initial demo covers the main functions of software.

Once the documentation process is completed and approved an acount manager is assigned to the clinic.

1-hour demo is scheduled to demonstrate how the main modules of the system work.

The demo version of the software is installed on every device within 15 minutes.

Preparation of the System

The preparation before the training week.

Once all historical data and clinic details are received, the specialized version of Dok32 gets prepared in a week's time.

The clinic profile is prepared and elements such as the price list, services, packages, consent forms, clinical notes, and medical documentation, relevant forms are

incorporated into Dok32. All historic data is migrated too.

Intensive training for each module.

After the Training: Going Live

A go-live date is announced once the training is complete.

Dok32 is the clinic's management system after this date.

Data migration of the most recent data occurs over the weekend.

Team DOK32 remains available for remote support.

We are on a mission to make your clinic operations absolutely Stress-Free!

Start today. Reorganize the workflows at your clinic and beyond. Transform your efficiency levels now. Your clinic deserves attention.

How much will Dok32 cost?

Let the clinic run itself at one extremely low cost that proves our commitment to doing good for the society.

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